The goal of Malindy Music, Inc. is to discover, groom, and introduce new artist to the real world of music by creating, playing, and performing live music.

After many years of managing and producing acts, John Swanson, CEO of Malindy Music, Inc conceive the notion that with the mere talent that surrounded him, he could go into any studio and achieve an independent commercial product that would rival any of today’s reproductions of original R&B and/or Jazz music.

“Malindy’s first effort includes “The Sai Whatt Studio Ban,” Cal Bennett “John Swanson’s Rent Party” and Augie’s Side Effect “About Time” album. Augie’s Side Effect, once again raises the bar on “J.Smooth Revue” with his unmistakable rich production and reminiscent qualities on “Slow Dancing.” “I Won’t Let My Baby Down,” displays a very soulful Raw Shaw delievering fine vocal ability that motives the listener to a level of total contentment. Sassy bosa nova underscoring yields Lina performance on “Breakthrough” nearly haunting with lyrics that hook you immediately, and her soulful prowess displayed on “Through The Fire,” could easily become a soulful anthem. Travis House redefines the definition of Blue eyed soul, on “Over Me” and Smooth jazz artist Cal Bennett with his even tempered style of playing rounds out what is clearly a perfect example of what can still be.

Albeit our current music is classified as R&B/Jazz, and adule contemporary with a Latin funk flavor, our future endeavors may include Gospel, Blues, Rap, and Country.

Malindy Music, Inc. was founded and first named Bullet Proof Productions, Inc. in December of 1982. The first act signed to company was the Sai Whatt Band (pronounced Say What). Under the guidance of the founder, John Swanson, the Sai Whatt Band was signed to a major recording deal with the Total Experience Record Company. The group performed under the stage name of Prime Time. Prime Time members were Jimmy Hamilton, Frankie (Babe) Moore, Dale Hightower, and Maurice Nestor Hayes. Their label mates were the Gap Band, Yarbrough & Peoples, Switch, Pennye Ford, Billy Paul, and Goodie.

Songs out of the Bullet Proof camp were produced and recorded on The Gap Band, Yarbrough & Peoples, Pennye Ford, Prime Time, Klique, and Ganiyu Gee Bello. Currently Malindy Music has added Augie’s Side Effect, T-House, and Lewis Shaw (Raw Shaw) to the roster.

Contrary to popular beliefs, R&B music is not dead! John Swanson, the creative force behind Malindy Music is out to prove it. His stable of artists include some of the brightese and illuminating R&B/smooth jazz artists on the music scene today. They represent the sounds and talents of an era many choose to believe are long gone.

17595 Harvard Ave. Ste 232
Irvine, CA 92614